Sunday, April 25, 2010

Celebration of Life and Love

The whole family

Chinese character "Ai" means LOVE

Just had the most WONDERFUL weekend with my family, celebrating life and love. Our plan to celebrate Apak's 76th birthday and Mak+Apak's 48th Anniversary turned out to be so much more for all of us. There were so many special moments over the weekened, but my favourite part was when we gathered for the concert by the kids and watched the video prepared by Andy about how Mak + Apak bonded our family with love. I cried watching the video. Kak Ngah's girls made a video too and it was hilarious! Kudos to all the talented people in the family!
I look forward to every family gathering we have. As the family is so big (all 42 of us!), we find it hard to synchronize everyone's schedule and gather. So, when we do meet, we will try our best to make it special. This time, Kak Long came up with the theme: Celebrate Life & Love. And it fitted so well with the mood that we were in.

Thank you so much to everyone for the precious time. Thank you to Eda + Aswad for hosting the event in their lovely home. I love you all soooo much..

Here are some snapshots...

1, 2 Go: Splashing Fun!

Venue: Eda+Aswad's lovely home
(Please don't feel SERIK to host us next time!)

CLL:2010 - Happy Anniversary to Mak & Apak,
the BEST Parents in the World!
Anas (in the middle) with his cousins

Take time to pick up the phone and call your mom and dad, just to say Hello and to tell them how much they are loved and appreciated. Meet up with your sister or brother for coffee, cake and bonding. Tell your spouse and children that you love them every opportunity you have. Life is short. Fill it with the people you love, doing the things that you love. Make every day count.
Go celebrate your life, with love (^_^)