Friday, May 30, 2008

Wonderful Surprise

Came home to a wonderful surprise last night.
Thank you so much, sayang. Love it.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Happy Birthday to Hakim!

Hakim is 11! Can't believe he is so big now... Happy Birthday darling!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Selamat Pengantin Baru to Jerd & Ery

My youngest sister Jerd got married last Friday 23rd May 2008! Congratulations to both Jerd & husband, Ery!!

The preparation started way before that with putting sweets in packets & tying thank you notes on the bunga telur about a month before the event. The day before the wedding, the PPGs (me, Eda & Win) & Kak Ngah spent the whole day packing goody bags for "Orang Sebelah", "Orang Berzanji Lelaki" & "Orang Berzanji Perempuan" (Yes, ada banyak categories..) & also for VVIPs, VIPs, Aunties & Sisters (all different contents!). My nieces (Nurul & gang) had to pack the wajik in plastic packets (Melekit!! So, we cleverly escaped from this task by delegating it to the 3rd generation! Sorry Nurul! Heehee..). Then masukkan telur in the Bunga Paha (spelling?) for the pelamin. Re-organize furnitures etc. Wow! So much to do!

Friday was the Akad Nikah. Jerd changed into 4 different costumes before the groom came (Adat orang Melaka tak boleh tinggal!!): She was a Chinese princess, then a Javanese bride, then a Bollywood actress & finally a Siamese dancer (complete with a head-dress that looked like a lightning conductor!). The Akad Nikah ceremony was at 9.30pm. It was very sentimental (Mak cried when she & Apak gave Jerd away to Ery, & because Mak cried, all of us cried!). Sad & happy at the same time..

Saturday was the Kenduri Kahwin. If we had thought there was a lot to do prior to the wedding, nothing prepared us for this! It was an extremely HOT day (nasib baik tak hujan)! More than 2,000 guests came to Apak & Mak's home to join in our celebration. The Governor & wife came to grace the occasion (protocol! protocol!), & Kak Long, Eda & I had to be in charge of the VVIP table! Thank goodness the Istana brought their own "Waiters" to serve TYT & Toh Puan (They even brought their own crockery, cutlery, place mats & serviette!). By the end of the day, all of us were flat out (Must have walked at least 5km that day, seriously!). Special thanks to my friend Tati for coming with her family (Tati, your daughters' dresses were so...sweet!). Thanks for making time!! Also thanks to Azim for the wedding pictures!

Sunday was the Bertandang to the Groom's home & Mak hired the "London Transport" Double-Decker Bus to take all of us to Nyalas, Jasin! For those who haven't been to Melaka recently, the State Government bought 4 Double-Decker buses from England as a tourist bus here (Why? Don't ask me!). So, all of us went on the Bus to Nyalas & it was so much FUN for the Kids. Everyone scrambled to go on the top floor. Adlan, Adlina & Hakim sat right at the front with Amir, Mukhriz & Mikael. They were screaming & laughing throughout the 1 hour journey! I felt a bit sick on the Bus, but never mind! (More pictures on this later!)

It was a GREAT weekend! Happy memories, terrific family times, LOADS of warm fuzzy feelings..

Jerd & Ery, May your marriage be blessed by Allah & I wish you a lifetime of unconditional love, happiness and fulfillment as you start your journey together! Ery, please take care of my little sister (Jerd ramai kakak-kakak yang garang tau!! Haha..).

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


When I first started my Blog, I never intended to turn it into a venue for political debates and forums. I still don't.

However, the events of the past few weeks have moved me to put up this posting on the political situation in Malaysia and my thoughts on this. Note that this is purely my take on the events from the outside looking in. I am no politician.

Let's start on the premise that most of us may think that the squabbling in UMNO & the pressure on Pak Lah to resign from being the Party's president doesn't affect us as we're not UMNO members. Unfortunately, the truth is, it does affect each and every Malaysian citizen. Why?

Because the fact is: the President of UMNO is the Prime Minister of Malaysia.

So, whether we are an UMNO member or not, whatever race we may be, we must be aware of what is going on in UMNO as it does affect our country and our future. It affects the stability of the country that we love so much. A weak leadership in UMNO means a weak leadership in the Federal Government, and this can't be good for Malaysia.

Personally, I feel that Pak Lah is not strong enough as a leader to lead UMNO and Malaysia during these times of uncertainties. He doesn't seem to command the attention of the masses. He doesn't inspire me when he speaks. He seems to be so out of touch with the sentiment of the people at large. He appears to be incapable of controlling even some of his cabinet ministers. He has managed to upset Sabahans who are now vocal about the seemingly unfair treatment by the federal government & they have threatened Pak Lah with a deadline for reforms. All these in the wake of escalating food prices, even for basic food items like Rice and infant milk. Malaysia needs a strong capable leader, now more than ever. I somehow cannot see it in Pak Lah.

His strongest critic thus far, Tun Dr Mahathir (TDM) has just announced his resignation from UMNO. This, I believe, will create HUGE waves in UMNO. UMNO members will need to take positive action to ensure the Party's survival. Its sad that UMNO's life member who holds registration #1 in UMNO register book, who had helmed the party for 22 years, who had contributed so much to the party, who was our PM for 22 years, has to take such drastic measures to make his stand clear and voice heard. Quoting TDM as he expressed his frustration:

"Dia masih berkata dia menang. Ini sukar diterima oleh orang Kedah, orang Pulau Pinang, orang Perak, Selangor dan Wilayah Persekutuan. Oleh kerana Dato Seri Abdullah buta mata dan pekak telinga dan tidak faham mesej ahli BN, oleh kerana ahli UMNO pun turut bersama, oleh kerana proses demokrasi tidak berjalan, oleh kerana UMNO yang ada sekarang bukan lagi UMNO yang ditubuhkan 62 tahun dahulu, saya berpendapat penyertaan saya sebagai ahli UMNO tidak bermakna dan tidak berguna lagi."

It is my hope that Pak Lah will stop being in denial. Face facts. Self-reflect. Soul-search. Bow out with dignity. It's not just for the sake of the stability of UMNO, but also for Malaysia.

It's a sad day for UMNO, for Malaysia. What will happen next? We can only wait and see..

Friday, May 16, 2008

Remembering an old Friend

A schoolmate passed away 2 days ago. I was never close to her in school. And we haven't been in touch since we left Tunku Kurshiah College in 1986. We didn't go to the same university, we didn't attend each other's wedding, we didn't call each other when we gave birth to our children. But somehow, I feel a deep sense of sadness and loss when I heard the news. It's difficult to explain.

I want to remember my old friend Rosmaria Abdul Razak. We were classmates for 3 years, form 1 to 3. I frantically looked for all our old school pictures but I don't have any clear pictures of her. I felt so frustrated yesterday. I closed my eyes and clearly see a petite girl, so full of life, full of energy. Maria had a strong Negeri accent. I remember her in her hockey outfit with a hockey stick in hand. Maria played hockey for school & I think she even made it to the Negeri Sembilan State team at one time. She was in Red House. She used to wear her hair short with middle parting. She had a husky voice. She wore her cotton baju kurung with the sleeves folded up to her elbow. Maria laughed heartily. I remember Maria clearly in my mind.

But that was Maria 22 years ago. And now she is no more. Leaving a loving and grieving husband and 3 children, age 12, 10 and 8. Every time I imagine how they must now feel, my tears will start falling. For a husband, losing a life partner you have planned your future and life with. For the 3 beautiful children, losing a mother who would love them unconditionally and guide them as they grow up. No more hugs and kisses, the patient listening ear, the warmth and understanding, the shoulder to cry on.. It's just too painful to think about it. May Allah give them the strength and protection to move on.

Life is so short. Take time off work. Spend more time with your family. Tell them you love them every day. Hold them close to your heart. More hugs. More kisses. Every day is precious. Every day is a gift from God. Spend it well.

I just wish I had kept in touch with Maria all these years.

Semoga Allah menempatkan roh sahabatku Rosmaria di kalangan roh orang-orang yang beriman. Al-Fatihah.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all mums, mamas, mummies, mothers, maks, ibus, ummis & emaks!!

It was a FANTASTIC Mother's Day yesterday in Danau Kaseh. Our kids, led by Chef Adlan, prepared breakfast for mama & papa: scrambled eggs, sausages, toast & cheese boritto! Adlina made the tea. Wow! What a wonderful way to start my morning... Well, until after breakfast of course, when I had to CLEAN UP the MESS they made in the kitchen!! Sigh... the JOYS of Motherhood! :-D

Thank you so much for all the lovely presents: from Adlan (a poem he wrote himself), Hakim (a red rose & a hand fan), Adlina (a white rose, a hand fan, a magnet & cute card) & Anas (a token he got from the cereal box. As expected, he asked for the token back as soon as I opened the wrapper).

We had lunch with Mak & Apak. Mak called me earlier in the morning to ask me what I would like to have for lunch. Thank you so... much Mak for the Nasi Tomato & Ayam Masak Merah. My all-time favourite! Happy Mother's Day, Mak! You are the best mother in the world & I pray that one day I could be half as good a mother as you are to my children.

We ended the day with a trip to the movies to watch "The Ironman"! The movie was quite good. But what's really great is we spent the evening together as a family. Mother's Day yesterday was so special & filled with warm, fuzzy moments.. <3

Here's the poem from Adlan ~

My mom is like an Orchid,
So delicate and beautiful,
She always make me happy,
And washes all my troubles away.

Have a great week to all mothers out there!

Footnote: Today, Adlan is in the Star newspaper!! Check it out here. How exciting for the oh-so-proud kay-poh mother! (^.^)

Friday, May 9, 2008

Mini Mama

Adlina is our only princess. She is strong & determined. She is very responsible, very independent. Adlina develops strong friendships even at a young age. She has 4 best friends; they do everything together in school & will call each other at home daily. Adlina is serious about her school work, finishing all her homework even without any reminders. Although she is only in year 3, she is already made a school prefect which is rare in SK Ayer Keroh.

But despite the strength we see on the outside, Adlina is actually a very sensitive girl on the inside. Sometimes a wrong word said, or an action omitted will upset her. She will try hard to conceal her feelings by putting on a brave face, but we can see the hurt mirrored through her expressive eyes.

I knew something was wrong with my little princess when she had a sad look in her eyes last night. When I asked her what was wrong, she said nothing. Then she quietly asked: "Mama, why is it that you only write about Bang Long & Hakim in your blog?" Oh No! I never meant to hurt you, darling. I told Adlina that I wanted to write about her but was waiting for the right time. So, Adlina, this posting is dedicated to you!

Adlina is actually exactly like her mama. When I look at her, I see me as a little girl. Really. Adlina is Mini Mama.

To Adlina: You are the best daughter any parent could ever have & I love you so much sayang. Everyday, I thank Allah for giving you to us. <3

Thursday, May 8, 2008

A Rose from a Gentleman

Hakim is the most serious of our 3 boys. He is always neat & likes everything clean. His hair is always combed into place (even at night in his pyjamas). His shirt is always buttoned up to the top (even at home). He finishes his homework on time every day (unlike Adlan). When he eats, he will clean up every single grain of rice on his plate. He is such a melancholy.

Hakim's highlight event of the year so far (where school is concerned) was when he was chosen to act in a drama sponsored by Digi for his school (this was before I started my blog). He was the narrator & he was fabulous! I saw him perform at Dewan Hang Tuah & was so proud of him!

Today Hakim's team from school took part in the choral speaking competition for primary schools in Malacca. This is the first time SK Ayer Keroh put together a choral speaking team & of course, they couldn't beat the schools with traditionally strong choral speaking teams like Convent. I went to see his team perform but I couldn't wait for the results.

When I picked him up from school at 4pm, Hakim was very quiet. I know he was really disappointed. I felt so sad for him as I could feel his pain. I hugged & kissed him & told him that he did so well in his solo part. I also told him that its ok that his team didn't win. What is important is that he experienced the whole event & he participated in team work.

When we reached home, Hakim reached into his school bag & gave me a present which he said he can't wait to give me for Mother's Day. It's a beautiful red rose. Adlina said that Hakim got it in school for RM1. To me, it is priceless.

He couldn't have given it to me at a better time. A beautiful rose from a gentleman.

Thank you, Hakim darling. Today, you are my hero.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Adlan's Team & the Petrosains ACTology

Adlan's Team has done it again!!! His Drama team from St David High School just WON the Petrosains ACTology Competition for the Central & Southern Region!!

When Adlan told me that he was selected to act in an English Drama for a Science project about a month ago, I was a bit apprehensive (he has been missing too many classes for choral speaking practice already...) and a bit confused (English drama for Science?? What??). But we let him participate in the drama anyway (since he was so excited about it & said that only 8 students were selected). OK lah.. He's just in form 1, so let him do all these fun stuffs.

But he didn't mention anything about Petrosains or ACTology or the fact that only 5 schools made it to the Central & Regional Final (the region covers KL, Selangor, NS, Johor & Malacca). He just said he will need to check into D'Village hotel the day before & all his friends are excited.

Zaharim & I brought Hakim, Adlina & Anas to d'Village that evening just to check out what was going on & that was when we got all these information. Petrosains sponsored the night stay for all the schools competing in the Final & St David is up against 4 other schools (3 of them boarding schools): Sekolah Alam Shah, MRSM Gemencheh, Sekolah Sains Selangor & Convent Muar. So, I thought: No chance for St David.. (Coming from a Boarding School, I am a snob that way! Haha!). But I promised Adlan that I won't miss his performance which was scheduled at 10am the next day.

I came just in time to see Adlan's team perform (they were the last school to perform) & I thought they were quite good. But I didn't see the rest of the schools so I didn't expect anything at all. So when the result was announced, I was really really surprised!! The supporters from St David (2 busloads of them!) literally brought the roof down!! Screams, yells, claps, whistles & battle-cries!! I was screaming too (seriously!) & was in tears! This is just too exciting & too good to be true! After all Adlan's school just won the Choral Speaking barely 2 weeks ago! They will compete in the National Final against 4 other schools on 8/7/2008 & the prize for the winning team will be a trip to Hong Kong!! Wow! :-D

To Adlan: Mama is really proud of you, darling! You did really well! (Having said that, no excuses for your exam on 14/5/2008!)

Footnote: Apparently St David High School is having a good year so far. They have won the Choral Speaking (State champion), English Debate (State champion), BM Debate (State Champion) & Petrosains ACTology (Region champion). Adlan is so proud to be a Davidian & reckons that this good-luck streak is brought by his Form 1 batch!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The week that was

Last week was a long week, full of activities.

Monday 28th April was Apak's 74th Birthday & we celebrated in Nordin Group with all the staffs in a pot luck at lunch. That was really nice. Mak came to join us & we had so many varieties of food! Wish I took a picture of the food.. Semoga Allah memanjangkan umur Apak as we need him for many many many more years.. Amin..

The rest of the week just flew. I was a member of the organizing committee of the Annual Malaysia/Singapore Bench & Bar Games 2008 which was held from Thursday 1/5/2008 to Saturday 3/5/2008 in Malacca. Both the Chief Justice of Malaysia & the Chief Justice of Singapore came to grace the event. Almost 400 lawyers & judges from Singapore & all over Malaysia came to Malacca for the Games. & the Malaysian team WON!! Yaaaayy!! :-D Penat pun terus hilang..

Then Sunday came & believe it or not, I was called for a meeting which I couldn't avoid (>.<). It lasted almost 4 hours! I rushed to Sungai Udang after the meeting to help Zaharim & team in their ICT Program. It went well & ended with a sukaneka (Aziem won 3 prizes - marah orang kampung!) haha.. We wrapped up the evening with a nice dinner with the whole team. Later on that Sunday night, I had to finish off the Agreement I was working on (letihnya..).

I'm beginning to feel that I haven't had a proper peaceful & restful weekend in a long, long time..

Friday, May 2, 2008

Matters of the Heart

I have written about everyone in Danau Kaseh except for the most important person in my life, my Kaseh. This is because the feelings I have for him is so deep & too private that I can't put it in writing for all to read.

But suffice to say that even after almost 15 years of being married to him, my heart still throbs whenever he looks at me. When I think about how much love I feel for him, I can feel my heart expanding until it hurts sometimes. Hard to explain.

Enough said.

Kau adalah darahku
Kau adalah jantungku
Kau adalah hidupku
Kau lengkapi diriku
Oh sayangku kau begitu..

(Sempurna - Andra & the Back Bone)