Thursday, May 19, 2011


May started with a bang for me with a trip to Istanbul to attend the Global Summit of Women! What an experience to be amongst so many inspiring women who are successful in their own respective fields! The delegates from Malaysia led by our First Lady of Malaysia were organized by SMECorp. Thanks so much to Kak Normah for taking me to Istanbul!!

Perfect weather with clear blue skies!

The Global Summit of Women was conceived as the nexus at which all sectors - public, private & non-profit - would come together under the common vision of dramatically expanding women's economic opportunities globally through exchanges of working solutions and creative strategies forged by women leaders in all parts of the world. I was so proud to be a Malaysian as our leaders both in the public and private sectors were great speakers who shined! Our very own Women's Minister, Datuk Shahrizat was easily the best speaker of the whole Summit!

With Kak Normah: the ambience at a centuries old cistern was mystical

Wonderful friends we met: Yati, Joanne & Alice

The Haunting Swirling Dervishes
Hagia Sofya is a must see in Istanbul

The Beautiful Blue Mosque

The Grand Bazaar's tempting wares!

Istanbul, being right at the border between Europe and Asia, is a land of contrasts. They are neither European nor Asian - exactly somewhere in between. This fusion of cultures is reflected in everything in Istanbul, their architecture, their food, their traditions.. even their approach to religion. We were lucky to be there in Spring with the sun shining brightly and the cool wind blowing. Flowers - tulips, tulips, tulips, of every colour imaginable - were everywhere! Istanbul is hauntingly beautiful.

For me, it was a such an eye-opener! Meeting all those wonderful ladies from Malaysia in such diverse fields was electric! A shock to my system! I realize that there is a huge world out there outside of Melaka & perhaps, it's time to spread my wings and fly!!! (^_^)