Saturday, February 28, 2009

Adlan in KL

Adlan is in KL for 3 days with his friends from school for the Petrosains Actology trip. I wrote last year about his school winning 3rd place at the national level competition organized by Petrosains. Finally, they are going for the much awaited trip! He left early yesterday morning & I'm already missing my boy so much! 

On the contrary, Adlan is having so much fun that when I called him (5 times throughout the day yesterday), all he said was: "Mama, can you call later? I'm in the middle of something right now." Then: "Mama, I'm busy, can you call later?" Then: "Mama, it's too loud here, can we talk later?" Finally, I called him at 10pm and he said: "It was so much fun but I'm so tired right now. I will tell you all about it later ok?".  

OMG! Adlan is all grown up & not needing his mama so much! I'm all teary and missing him here & he's having so much fun without his family... sob! sob! He didn't even call me this morning.. I told myself not to call him & see if he will. He hasn't and it's already 1pm! Looks like I will have to break my resolve soon & call him if he doesn't call me by 5pm..

I know I'm so pathetic.. Mothers are just so sentimental that way, & I'm a little bit too emotional when it comes to my kids. It's terrible! I know..

It's just so difficult to let go.. but I guess eventually, I will just have to. Looks like it'll be sooner than I'm prepared for..

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Looks like it wasn't just 2 days of madness but the craziness have prolonged for the whole week. So much have happened in the last 7 days and there are so many stories to tell. Unfortunately, time doesn't permit for now.

It sickens me when I feel I'm not in control of my own time..

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Two Days of Madness

The past 2 days have been Madness. I have not been doing much Court work these days as I've been concentrating on Corporate and Privatization matters which really takes up a lot of my time. However, I had to look at a particular Litigation matter which was really complicated and couldn't be handled by my assistant. The Submission is due today & 2 days ago I panicked! OMG! 2 days to do research & write my submission!! HELP!

What to do? Memang crash course! Nasib baik I had a similar case a few years ago, so just need to refresh my memory (dah tua-tua ni memang selalu kena refresh - cepat lupa!). Read SO MANY case laws & statutes the past 2 days, it's unbelievable - marathon membaca sampai pedih mata! Got to the point where I had to re-read a paragraph in a case law 3 times before the passage meant anything to me! Pendek kata memang STRESS MAXIMA! 

Started writing my submission yesterday until late last night. Continued this morning, the whole day. When I finally finished it, I just felt soooo relieved! Suddenly I felt so tired & rasa macam nak pengsan. Feels totally spaced out. I guess it's similar to the feeling we feel after our final exam masa kat universiti dulu, lepas belajar last minute la kan.. Haha :D

Just feel so sleepy now..
(^_^) G'nite everyone zzz...

Saturday, February 14, 2009

New Love

The new car has finally arrived & I'm totally in love with it instantly! After 1 month of pinjam kereta, tumpang kereta & bawak the big van around, I now officially own a car (I can almost hear the sigh of relief from  our faithful driver who constantly had to pick up the van from me from my meeting venues to fetch the kids from school for the past month! Thanks Pakcik Long!).

It's a 323i E90 in Black Sapphire metallic and Dakota Black leather upholstery. My first ever black car. Comes with a Navigation system which I'm still clueless about (AZ & Adlan will have to master this for me - I'm so bad at learning gadgets). Responses to voice commands for a few applications including changing the radio channels & using the mobile phone. It has a USB port which means that I can listen to unlimited music of my choice through a pendrive or an iPod. The sound system is pretty amazing. Adlina said that it's a girl car as the instructions are given in a woman's voice. She wants to name the car! Wonder what would be a suitable name...

Anyway, the car is so smooooooth...
I'm just so thankful to Allah for His blessings. Alhamdulillah..

(^_^) ... new love <3

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Sunday Barbeque

The residents of Danau Kaseh had a wonderful barbeque last Sunday! As usual, Papa is the Chief every time we have BBQs & Adlan is 2nd in Command. I love having BBQs at home - definitely one of my most favourite family times. Here are some pictures..

Papa - an expert at starting the fire & handling the amber
(Kipas pakai nyiru!!)

Adlan, Papa's loyal assistant - buttering the grilled corn

Lamb chops, garlic prawns, chicken sausages 
& grilled corn - YUMMY!

Hakim, Adlina & Anas enjoying the food :)

Our little BBQ grill

Can't wait for our next barbeque (^_^)

Thursday, February 5, 2009

MSSM Golf Tournament 2009

The residents of Danau Kaseh had such an exciting day yesterday! Adlan, Hakim & Adlina participated in the Majlis Sukan Sekolah-Sekolah Negeri Melaka (MSSM) Golf Tournament & Papa & Mama (kay-poh as usual) became their caddies!! Heehee :)

Hakim putting

Our kids have been going for golf lessons with Coach Ariffin for the past one month. After just 10 lessons, we were surprised when he informed us that he intended to register all of them for the MSSM Tournament. Not to compete to win, he said, but just to expose them to the competition as the experience would be good. Unfortunately, Anas didn't qualify to enter as he has not reached the age of 7 yet - he cried when we told him he couldn't go :( Amongst the 4 of them, Anas is the most excited about the game right from the start! Well, there's always next year for Anas..

Anyway, Adlan, Hakim & Adlina were registered to compete in Medal B Group (for students competing in MSSM for the 1st time). Papa & Mama were so excited (this is an understatement). We took the day off to share the experience with them. 

The Player & her Caddy :)

I wanted to help Adlina with her golf bag (kay-poh mom takut her little girl penat & panic.. heehee..). Papa assisted the boys & wanted to guide them as it was their first time playing on the golf course.. We woke up early and reached AKCC at 7 am - the 4th to register - nampak sangat over-excited. It was still dark! Haha :D

Early Birds

And guess what? Adlina won 2nd place for the Under-10 Girls category!! YAAYYY!! She played so well for a first-timer! Kay-poh mom is so, so proud beyond words!! Adlan & Hakim did fine too but they played with tougher boys who have been playing the game for at least 2 years or so. I'm sure they will do better next year! Congratulations to Adlan, Hakim and Adlina for making it to the competition and for playing so well!

Adlina accepting her medal & certificate

some of the winners

It was really worth the 4 hours walk in the HOT sun (it was scorching hot!). Proud mother has freckles popping out merrily on her sunburnt face, but hey, it was a GREAT day! 

I was so happy to be with my little girl & one day when she grows up, I hope Adlina will remember her first outing on the golf course with Mama as her caddy :)

(^_^) loads of warms, fuzzy feelings <3

Monday, February 2, 2009

Early Morning Blues

It's February and Anas is still crying every morning, refusing to go to school. It's so stressful to have to force him out of the bed, into the shower & dressing him every single morning, whilst having to bear with his wails and cries. When it's time to go, he will put on this very sad face, he will hug me tight & plead with me one last time to let him stay at home. A real drama every morning in Danau Kaseh. 

I feel so tired having to deal with this.. Parenting is such a challenge... sigh...