Saturday, November 28, 2009

This and That

This posting is a summary of my past week. I will keep it short and sweet:-

1. It's official: My camera is lost. I must have misplaced it somewhere! So, for now, there won't be any pictures accompanying my postings (yawn..);

2. I've been spending some time this week wearing my PTA Chairman's hat! Adlan's school is celebrating its 50th Anniversary and St David High School PTA is organizing a Fund-raising Dinner on 5/12/2009. It's quite exciting. Last Tuesday, our committee members were called to meet up with the Chief Minister at his office. It was great of CM to re-arrange his schedule to ensure that he'll be able to grace our event! Thank you, Datuk Seri :)

3. We ordered Hakim's reward for doing well in his UPSR. He wanted an iPod Touch. We ordered it online so that his name can be engraved on it. Hoping that the package will arrive by next Monday;

4. Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha to everyone! The day was spent mostly at my sister Eda's home. Adlina & Anas decided to stay the night at Mak's home so that they can spend more time with their cousins.. Adlan & Hakim decided to stay home - Note: Rumah Mak takde computer ;)

5. This morning I spent a wonderful time with Kak Long, Kak Mas & Eda at Spa Village.. It was so relaxing.. Destressing with a good massage is a MUST for all working mothers! Heavenly..

Tomorrow's Sunday! Yay (^_^)

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Hakim's UPSR

Congratulations to our precious Hakim for getting 4As 1B in his UPSR. Hakim's BM Pemahaman is his weakness, and we are thankful that he got a B for it! Alhamdulillah.. We are going to have a special family lunch to celebrate later today.. 

To Hakim: Papa and Mama are so proud of you, darling! Keep up the good work (^_^)

Monday, November 9, 2009

Happy Birthday Anas

Mama's fatty boom-boom

Anas is 7 today!

I can't believe our little baby is seven!! He is a real joy in the household of Danau Kaseh. Anas is chubby & adorable. He is smart & knows how to get things going his way. He speaks well and you can have a decent conversation with him about a lot of things. He is so mischievious, he is constantly irritating Adlan & Hakim. Most fights at home are caused by Anas, unfortunately. His best friend is his only sister, Adlina. They love doing art projects together, converting big boxes into tables & buildings; medium-sized boxes into cars & trucks, & little boxes into handphones. Anas adores Adlina & Adlina lets her little brother (who is heavier than she is!) sleep in her bed with her sometimes. She reads to him.

Anas sleeps in his own bed now, but most nights he still walks over to our bedroom in the middle of the night to snuggle in with papa & mama. We let him because he is still our little baby (although he takes up so much space, sometimes he kicks me out of my own bed!).

And today, our little baby is little no more. To Anas: Papa & Mama love you SO MUCH. Happy 7th Birthday darling.. (^_^)

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Occupational Hazard

Have been having too much on my plate these past 2 weeks. Too many meetings & deadlines. Having to solve problems faced by others, some of which were too complicated for words. Been spending some time in KL High Court & Melaka High Court for Hearings. Clients pressing for Agreements, one of which is a mind-numbing Shareholders Agreement of unfriendly parties. 

Why do people get themselves into such complicated business relationships and situations? Then they look for lawyers who have too think of how best to solve their predicament! It's been affecting me quite badly this time that I find myself awake in the middle of the night not being able to go back to sleep. I guess this comes with the job.. Sigh.. 

I just feel I need a holiday REALLY badly.. Just need to get away..