Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Another Year Added

my beautifully wrapped present

A day becomes special when the people you love around you make it special. Otherwise it's just another ordinary day..

I feel lucky I have so many people around me who have made my day so special today.. Thank you so much to AZ and the kids for the presents. I love them! AZ completed my iPod RED collection and the kids shared to buy Mama 2 new pets.. I strongly suspect that although the terrapins are Mama's birthday present, they were chosen more for Adlina & Anas to play with ;) I adore them nonetheless (thanks to Ateh for going to the pet shop & helping them buy the terrapins. And thanks for the 30% discount!!).

More importantly, I had a very special conversation with AZ yesterday over lunch which made me feel all warm and fuzzy. He may not have noticed how important those words were to me, but they were rare and precious, and reassuring. I will remember and treasure them.

Thanks to the team members of Messrs. Adillah A. Nordin for the surprise birthday party! It means a lot to me. It made the day special, and not just ordinary.. Thanks.
Just to share 2 memorable Haha :D scenes:-
Scene 1: Venue - Subaidah Restaurant, Jln Hang Tuah
Papa: Hakim has something for you from all of us.
Hakim: Here's your present Mama. Guess what's in it!
Mama: (Looking at the size of the beautifully wrapped box which could easily fit a ring) Is it jewellery? (asking hopefully!)
Hakim: (Looking panic stricken) Errr.. Guess again.
(So, it was the latest iPod Nano with touch screen! Not a jewellery!)
Scene 2: Venue - Home
Mama: Thank you so much for the terrapins! What a surprise!
Adlina: We all shared to buy the present, Mama.
Adlan: Hmm.. actually Mama, I had nothing to do with it. Really.
Adlina: Err.. Bang Long. Hakim took your money from your wallet..
Adlan: Haaaakkiiiimm!!!
Have a great day everyone.. (6_6)


bubbles said...

Hahahaha... Kelakau lah budak2 ni..
Yr bday outfit was sooooo pretty. I lurve the colour.
It's rarely you. Sweet...
Happy happy happy bday my dear sista.
<3 ya!

Adillah A Nordin said...

Thanks darling Bubs! u still owe me some cuppies.. heehee.. no lah, just joking :D