Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Victoria Sandwich Cake

Fresh Strawberries with cake is always a winner!

I've used a square baking pan instead
to cut the cake easier in squares.

Baked this last night and the residents of Danau Kaseh loved it. Very simple recipe and would like to share it with you here:-


250g butter (softened)
1 cup Caster Sugar
2 cups Self Raising Flour
4 Eggs
1 tsp Vanilla Essence
Icing sugar
Strawberry Jam
Whipped Double Cream


1. Cream Butter & Sugar until light & fluffy.
2. Add Vanilla Essence and Eggs 1 at a time.
3. Add Flour until smooth.
4. Pour mixture into 2 identical baking pans. Best baked in 20cm Round shaped baking pans.
5. Bake at 180c for 25-30 minutes.
6. Cool cakes and then sandwich with jam, strawberries & cream.
7. Dust top of cake with Icing Sugar.

Note : The Strawberries and cream are optional. The cake is also delicious with just strawberry or raspberry jam. With strawberries & cream, the cake should be eaten on day of baking.

Good Luck with the recipe & I hope your family will enjoy the cake as much as mine did (^_^)


aNoiHalim said...

Wow..nampak sangat yummy!

Adillah A Nordin said...

Hasanah, Kalau nak datang rumah, beritahu dulu.. nanti I bale one for u :)

Anas said...

OMG, The cake looks wonderfuuuuuuuul =) :)

Adillah A Nordin said...

Anas, u ATE the cake :)

farah said...

I remember this cake! Learned to bake it masa dkt UK. I think it's d easiest cake to make ever cos I just put jam in between! Yours is of cos d high class version with d strawberries n cream...yummy!

Adillah A Nordin said...

Hi Farah! Yes, I agree with u it's one of the easiest cake to bake. Manalah ada high class? Letak strawberries je! We normally just pakai jam jugak sebab tahan lama sikit. With strawberries & cream, the cake tak tahan lama. BTW, ur princess looks sooo cute (tengok gambar dalam FB!). TC, Dilla