Saturday, January 8, 2011

8.1.11 is Adlina's 12th Birthday

Adlina's Party Pinata
(Beaten to death by everyone!)

Adlina + Cousins

Happy Birthday to my darling princess, Adlina who just turned 12. I can't believe how much Adlina has grown from a cute baby, to an adorable little girl, and now to a beautiful young lady. Adlina is a real blessing in my life and every single day I thank Allah for giving her to me.

As she grows, I see more and more of me in her. Adlina is truly Mini Mama, only she will be better than me in every way, I'm sure of that.

To Adlina: I love you so much sayang.. Happy 12th Birthday darling!


dott + swack said...

Auww sweet......ya, she's mini mama in more ways than one.

Adillah A Nordin said...

Just like u & Mimi..