Sunday, June 26, 2011


The State Champions performing for the Chief Minister
CM walking around the Carnival, impressed by the turnout!
Shaking hands with parents and students
Taking time with the futsal players

Our school field on the day of the Carnival

Thanks to ICI Paint for donating free paint to re-paint all our school buildings. We are proud to be the 1st school in Malaysia to be the recepient of ICI's special CSR program called Tunas Harapan. Thanks to the Chief Minister of Melaka for spending time with us at the Carnival.

Thanks to the team of parents, teachers and students who have given their all to ensure the success of this event! It was so much fun!

Special thanks to the most dedicated team of parents: Josephine, Puteh, Azian, Fazy, Wan, Alice, Eleanor, Jaishree, Pat, Mike, Kemmy, Jagan, Sonia, Christine & Joyce. You are all so inspiring and fantastic! It's a pleasure to lead a team of volunteers who are so committed to do so much although they have nothing at all to gain except for the satisfaction of having helped change the lives of others. Thanks to Qabil & Kerry for organizing the futsal tournament and being around to help with everything.

I am indeed Proud to be in St david's High School (^_^)

Postscript: Body aching all over BUT feeling extremely HAPPY!!

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