Monday, April 21, 2008

The Passing of an Uncle

I was awakened by a phone call at 3.16am early Sunday morning. No one would call you in the wee hours of the morning unless there is an important message to deliver, and as suspected, it was not good news. My uncle, Pak Uda, Apak's second brother, had passed away. And I was asked by my cousin who was too distraught to call Apak & everyone else in the family to break the news.

With a heavy heart, I called Apak & my other uncles to inform them that they have lost a brother. 

When Pak Uda arrived at his home for the last time, it was heart-wrenching to see Mak Uda crying for a lost life partner. Sha, Sue, Shukri, Bob & Dina are now without a father & there is nothing you could say to comfort them. But the worst was to see tears flowing from grown men. Watching Apak, Pak Andak, Pak Itam, Pakcik & Busu mourning for their brother yesterday was just too painful.

It was a sad day for the family. But it was also a day which brought all of us together in the true meaning of family, with unreserved & outpouring show of love. And it was also a day of reflection for my sisters & I. The thought of losing our own parents one day is just too unbearable. I hugged Mak & Apak a little bit tighter yesterday when it was time to go home.

Pak Uda, I will always remember you as the person who gave me my name. I never said thank you for that & I just wish I did. Thank you, Pak Uda.

Semoga Allah menempatkan roh Pak Uda di kalangan roh orang-orang yang beriman. 


ms hart said...

Dil, when I heard the sad news, I immediately thought of you. My kids' pre-school used to be besides arwah's house and so I often saw him until about a year ago when the school moved. Your arwah uncle was surely a great contributor to Melaka, especially where Islam is concerned. We all share your grief, Dilla. Al-Fatihah.

p/s Yes, the loss of a parent is just irreplacable, no matter how our relationship was with them when they were around.

Adillah A Nordin said...


He was indeed a good man. Jenazah arwah macam sedang tidur & sangat tenang. Senang sangat semasa nyawa ditarik, it was very quick & his very last word was "Allah".

On another note: did you meet my mom recently & told her about my Blog? Last night after the tahlil she asked me: "Blog tu apa?" I was surprised & then she said she met one of my friends who told her about it. I immediately suspected it was you :-)

ms hart said...

Dilla, not me. My aunty la of course!! (cakap kat mak you, that's the sister kpd my aunt yang ustaJah dia tu!) he he and of course, ahli rombongan cik kiah ke Singapuraaa!!

Milkberry said...

Haro Kak Ila!

Thanks for checking out my blog and adding it to your blogroll. I will add you as well :)

I heard about Pak Uda yesterday, from Adik. Then ayah called and he cried and I cried too. Ayah kept saying "Pak Uda dah takde, sekarang adik-beradik Ayah tinggal 5 orang je." That was really, really heartbreaking :(

I wish I could do something too. I tried to talk to Kak Syah but I ended up crying more. I feel sorry that I couldn't come back though.

aNoi haLim said...

Takziah Puan,
Semoga roh arwah sentiasa dicucuri rahmat olehNYA.

Adillah A Nordin said...

Yes, it was really sad yesterday. Of all the brothers, your dad & pak itam cried the most. It was heart-breaking.

We missed you yesterday.

TC, Kak Ila

Adillah A Nordin said...

Thanks Anoi.

KapLa 0tTz said...

it was a really heart-breaking day.after hearing the news at around 4.30am i cant seem to fall asleep.i never knew him that well but he did gave me my name,just like you.

the worst part was when arwah and the family arrived from perlis.the first thing i heard was Dina's tears about how she will never saw her father again.i heard that she was there when arwah drew his last breath with the word "Allah" .is it true?then it must have been really hard for her.

yeah, the words "tinggal 5 orang lagi" was on everybody's reminded me that apak too will "go" one day.however,i prayed that apak will live a very long life and will be there to see my wedding...and my kids.