Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Powerpuff Girls

Today I would like to write about 2 of my best friends: Buttercup & Bubbles, and the true meaning of friendship.  

How would you define Friendship? Many would say: Being around for each other, through thick & thin. Always ready with a shoulder to cry on. Laughing uncontrollably about nothing. Sharing secrets & fears. Confiding about the future & the unknown. Relying on each other. Being together...  For me, it's all these & so much more. 

In the past almost 6 years since we set up our group office, I've had the privilege of being with these 2 very special people, who also happen to be my sisters, and I have learnt so much more about the true meaning of friendship. 

Despite being so different from one another, we have grown to be so comfortable together. We are independent & we each have our own separate businesses, & yet we are inter-dependent. I know I can always rely on them for anything at all & vice versa. We seek each other when we are in doubt. Their opinion on things, both important & trivial, mean a lot to me. I know something is wrong with any of them even before they voice it. When they feel hurt, I feel the pain too. We are so defensive of one another: speak no evil of my PPGs :-D Anyway, they understand me better than most people (& I'm a complex person, really).

We find time for each other & would go out at least once a week (usually on Fridays) for lunch & girlie stuffs: we call it the PPG outings. We would wrap up the events of the week, discuss about family & work matters, seek opinions, indulge in Baskin Robbins & do other girlie stuffs (which normally involves getting fat). Somehow, the week seems incomplete without the PPG outing (which sometimes happen since we've been so busy lately!). I really look forward to our PPG time together. Seriously.

I love my 2 best friends! (Actually I have 4 other sisters & a brother, & I love them to bits too - but more about them in my future postings!). 

To my PPG buddies: thank you for being there for me! 

Love lots, Blossom xxx


KapLa 0tTz said...

oh,i get it.this is about u and ateh and andak,right?by the way,who's bubbles and who's buttercup? :))

anyways,i just wanna say,thanks. you know,for being a really great example in having a good relationship with sisters despite how different we may be.i realised that u and the other 2nd generations rarely fight,huh?in fact,i never see u guys fought at all!


Adillah A Nordin said...

Ateh is Buttercup & Andak is Bubbles :-D
Although I did tell Andak that Bubbles is too gentle for her..haha.. She said that her hair is like Bubbles'. Ateh looks sweet like Buttercup but can still pack a PUNCH!

Yes, we rarely fight although we have differing in opinions many times. Put it this way: We agree to disagree sometimes. When it concerns Apak & Mak & the family, we decide on consensus. We discuss a lot on family matters actually..

ms hart said...

ha ha ha so cute, Dilla!! I mean, the PPG is cute laaa...!!! eerrr... he he he

Anyway, I remember the time your brother was born! I think we all got as excited as you were!! I remember you were saying something like 8 is enough?! best ada siblings. Aaah...I miss that part of life, y'know!

Adillah A Nordin said...

You have such a good memory. Yes, we were in Form 3 when Andy was born. Now he is 24!

Kita ni dah tua la Tati. YIKES!!!! LOL!!

Milkberry said...

Hi Kak Ila,
Ateh is? Andak is? Haha I'm just guessing on a whim here but are they Kak Eda and Kak Win?

Must be nice having sisters (I can't tell but I don't have any). But I love Boy and Adik. We share everything, too. If I have to do it all over again and choose between having sisters or brothers, I wouldn't change it for the world!

Next time you have that girls' day out tell them Syikin says 'Hello!'

Adillah A Nordin said...

Ateh = Kak Eda & Andak = Kak Win.

Yes, I can see that you have very close relationship with your brothers too. That is GREAT!

Nothing beats the love & support from family...

By the way, I learnt something new from your recent posting: Egg in a hole! Wow! Will try that at home this weekend (^.^) Thanks!

Adillah A Nordin said...


If you're reading this, can you invite me to view your Blog? I tried to log in but it's only for invited guests..


bubbles said...

Hi sweet blossom (the great team leader of PPG),

I have to admit that you touched my heart by writing sweet stuffs about us..

I also have to admit that life sucks without you & Buttercup. You guys are my saviour most of the time.

We've been thru ups and downs together in running the business but thank god no matter what the obstacles that god create to test us, we manage to survive, together...

I love you both so much for always being there for me whenever i'm desperately in need of help.
You guys have taught me to be strong and mature in handling a lot of matters.

I'm proud to be a PPG but most of all, I'm proud bcoz u both are my PPG gangs!!! You guys are not only my biz partners & sisters, you guys are my best friends!!!
BFFs you know... like Posh Beckham and Katie Holmes, like Paris hilton and Nicole richie..

Power Puff!!! We go girl!!!!

BTW, blossom.. please make yourself available this friday. You've been busy busy busy and not able to join us for weeks oledi...

The rest of my big sisters in KL, I love you guys so much too. It's just that we don't get to spend much time together doing girly stuffs like what we do here in Melaka...

LOL: Bubbles of PPG
a.k.a #6 of TSDWAN family

Adillah A Nordin said...

Hello Bubbles!

Thanks for visiting my Blog! & Thanks for the message! That made my day so much brighter!

Nanti hari Jumaat kita pergi menternak lemak ok? PPGs Day Out! Can't wait... hehehe...

XOX Blossom

KapLa 0tTz said...
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KapLa 0tTz said...

Dear Alang, i've been meaning to invite you to my blog. But i don't have your ee-mail add. Can u please give em to me then I'll invite you.

Adillah A Nordin said...


hasANah haLim said...

What a sweet posting.=)
Your PPG story reminds me of my 3 big sisters.

**the awesome thing that we ever did was went to Uptown Damansara at 2.00 am.naseb baek my mum tak bising! hehe

Adillah A Nordin said...

Hi Anoi!

Yes, its great to have sisters who are close to you..


Marlin said...

Dear PPG girls - its great that you have each other to support and motivate through your daily challenges and celebrate biz successes! I actually used to a similar PPG at the office - me and my 2 other friends..the 3 of us were new in the co, joining a mgmt team dominated only by male colleagues, and it's the first time they have ladies in this particular team. The male colleagues call each other 'bro' and they see us somewhat like 'outsiders' being new in the co. I told them I feel like a stepsister whenever I'm in our meetings! We eventually found out that they gave us 3 ladies the nickname of '3 stooges!' and of course we protested - we are not 3 stooges, but we're Power Puff Ladies (we can't be Power puff girls like you PPG..cause so aunty2 already mah!!!).. anyway for quite sometime after that we were refered to as the power puff ladies... and at times powder puff ladies!