Monday, June 9, 2008

A Weekend in Singapore

Cuti sekolah 2 minggu but we only had time to take our kids for a short trip, right on the last 3 days of the holiday - & since Papa & Mama had been working weekends for the past 3 months, we really must spend some quality time with the kids. So last weekend, we went to Singapore! The kids were thrilled!

We love going to Singapore & have taken our kids there many times. But this time, it was extra special because we were joined by Zaharim's staffs (who have been working 7-days a week for the past 3 months & Zaharim wanted to reward them).

It was the first trip to Singapore for all of them - Hasanah, Hajar, Azim, Azmin, Thony, Rizal, Sardi & Azura ("the Gang"). When we arrived on Friday, we went straight to the Science Centre. They have opened a new gallery called "The Climate Change" & the exhibits were interactive & really quite amazing. Anas & I wrote a virtual postcard to "Earth" & so did the others & our postcards were immediately projected on the screen with our pictures. Just wish that our National Science Centre in KL can be as good as this. After eating at MacDonalds, browsing around the galleries, testing exhibits, watching "Dinosaurs Alive" on the Omni-Theater & buying curious puzzles at the shop (including mood rings for everyone!), we went to Arab Street for a bite. We went straight back to the Hotel with the kids after dinner but the Gang went to do some shopping at the infamous Mustaffa Centre. Apparently banyak barang murah-murah (Eg: Racket badminton Yonex: 2 for SGD19.00). Boleh la test racket baru this Friday!

The Danau Team plus Anas (minus Sardi who was taking the pix)

On Saturday we went to Sentosa. Unfortunately, it rained :-( so we could only do indoor activities. Pergi naik cable-car from Harbourfront (Nice view - we could see the construction of the Casino & Universal Studios which is opening in 2010). Then to the 4D-Theater Magix showing "Pirates of the Carribean" which was fantastic! The kids, especially Adlan & Hakim, were laughing so loud!! Next, we went to the "Images of Singapore" which was tastefully done. The short multimedia presentation at the start was really full of surprises. The setting was very well thought out. Muzium Melaka people should go there & learn a few things.. After lunch at Deli France (jangan lupa dessert chocolate eclairs!), we went into the Merlion & learn a little bit of history. Hujan masih tak berhenti, so we had to call it a day in Sentosa...

Waiting for the show to start at Images of Singapore

Makan @ Deli France Merlion

Next on the agenda: ORCHARD ROAD!! Singapore is ON SALE!! Zaharim went back to the Hotel with the kids for a dip in the swimming pool while Mama did some shopping! Heehee.. Our Hotel is 8 minutes walk to Takashimaya, so you can imagine the temptation.. Nampaknya Hasanah shopping sakan jalan sampai ke Robinsons (kena kirim 2 bag in our van), Sardi pun boleh tahan (beli 6 jam tangan!), the "twins" Hajar & Azura banyak beli souvenirs, Azim (the Graphic Designer) tak banyak beli barang tapi baaaaanyaaak ambik gambar (everywhere with his camera), Thony beli jeans SGD10, Rizal beli spek hitam SGD1.90 & Azmin...? Hmm.. tak sempat tanya what he bought in Singapore..

Sunday came too soon & it was time to go back home. Of course, not before some last minute shopping. Went to Kinokuniya & Lego World. Bought some books for Adlan (including an Instruction Book for his computer games!), Indiana Jones Lego for Hakim & Anas, a Robotics Lego for Papa, some notebooks for Mama & Disney Princess Mystery Gift + Chocolate lollipops for Adlina.

The Gang went back to Melaka on the 3pm Bus. We drove back & before we reached the 2nd link in Tuas, the kids were already snoring...zzzz...

It was quite a memorable weekend. Good fun. Plenty of laughs & smiles. Warm, fuzzy feelings..

Footnote: More pictures will come soon.


hasANah haLim said...

Yey!Finally you wrote about it.After all it was a wonderful holiday and it becomes more special when ur BOSS was so sporting! Thanks a lot to you and Dr. for bringing us to Singapore. (And for all the expenses too!) Really appreciate it Puan! =)

p/s: Kaki mula dh terasa sakit. Masa shopping tak de pulak.hehe

Adillah A Nordin said...

It was our pleasure to treat all of you. We just hope that you all had fun & enjoyed the trip!

Kalau tengah bershopping memang kaki & pinggang tak rasa sakit. Sampai rumah barulah terasa.. You walked from Tangs all the way to Robinsons which is about 8 blocks away.. memang macam jalan marathon tu.. :-D

rizalmat said...

Sebenarnya Tony yang beli spec tu bukan sd 1.90 tapi 190. kualiti tinggi.

rizalmat said...

i think walking more than 5 km in singapore

Adillah A Nordin said...


Jadi awak beli apa di Singapore?

rizalmat said...

Saya membeli sepasang raket, 6 helai t-shirt dan 4 keychain. jumlah wang yang dibelanjakan adalah SD95. termasuk tiket MRT hari pertama, baki ditangan SD5.
manakala Azmien pula membeli 3 helai t-shirt, 6 keychain, patung merlion sederhana besar, seluar pendek yonex dan telah menghabiskan sebanyak SD91.

Adillah A Nordin said...

Wow! Rizal, boleh tahan juga awak & Azmien bershopping ya.

Sebenarnya pada saya yang penting bukanlah barang-barang yang dibeli tetapi pengalaman yang kita kongsi bersama di Singapura.. Itu tak boleh dibeli!

Hope you had a good time in Singapore!

Milkberry said...

OMG I never knew you always go to Singapore Kak Ila! Haha I had vowed to never, ever step my foot there. Ever! You know that I worked with Jetstar before, right? So I had to deal with Singaporeans everyday over the phone. *Shudders* They give me nightmares hahahaha.

Adillah A Nordin said...


I didn't know you worked with Jetstar before! You must have had a tough time with all those kiasu people! Heehee..

I had friends who worked in Singapore before & they told me how extremely competitive everyone is over there. Banyak yang end up with hyper-tension at a young age! Seriously.

So, did you bake those cookies for your dad?

StEnZ! said...

puan saye xkomen lagi kat entry singapore puan bz sket la,huhu dh la 3D model saye ari tu corrupt,sedih saye.setelah bertungkus lumus,puan lawat la account saye

Adillah A Nordin said...

Hi Azim,

Saya pun sedih dengar komputer awak re-set lepas awak dah hampir nak complete buat kerja.

Kadang-kadang kita dihadapkan dengan cabaran yang kita rasa sangat pedih untuk dilalui. Sebenarnya perkara seperti itulah yang akan menguatkan minda dan semangat awak. Ia juga mengajar awak untuk bersabar.

Pernah juga jadi kepada saya satu ketika dulu (masa pakai desktop), saya tak sempat save, pastu blackout. Habis Agreement saya kena buat semula! Pening!

Anyway, you did a good job with your 3D!

Milkberry said...

Hi Kak Ila, yeah I was a Customer Service Exec, but that's just a fancy name for company pawns haha. Anyways it takes a lot of nerves of steel to deal with them! My boss used to say they won't curse or say screw you when you're talking to them, but they will mentally screw you. At first I thought he was joking but, yes it's true. If I wasn't speaking to Sporeans all day I wouldn't mind going for holidays but after Jetstar, no thank you! Hehe (but some Sporeans are nice, though... you know because they're talking to you as friends, not customers!)