Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Working under pressure

Have you ever been forced to finish up a task within a short period of time? I think all of us may have had to experience this some time in their life. Could have been a 1000-word essay to be handed in the next day when you were in school, or an assignment given by your lecturer in university, or a task given by your boss with a dateline. Pressure, Pressure, Pressure...

I was in this situation just these last few days. Suddenly I had to draft so many agreements for 4 different clients. All of them gave me their instructions on Wednesday last week. The nature of all the agreements were different. The transactions were totally different. All of them wanted their agreement urgently. 2 words: kelam kabut!!

But don't you find that when you work under pressure, knowing you have a dateline, with the adrenaline rush, you usually produce your best work! I find this to be so true. Even as a student, it was the last minute assignments (written the night before the assignment is due) which gave >80%. Maybe its the way the brain works... My brain anyway... (Or maybe its my excuse for putting things right to the last minute!) :-) 

Well, I enjoy my work, seriously. I love drafting new agreements especially challenging ones. I'm now in the middle of drafting a Concession Agreement (extremely challenging) but the dateline is not fixed yet so I'm finding it so difficult to finish it... Sigh.. Must be my brain working against me... Help!!

Good luck to everyone who is working on a dateline! 


ms hart said...

ha ha ha...'Kita serupaaaaa...' In my line of work, the email from people 'up' there usually sounds like this - 'You are to submit your report by noon today' and the the email is sent at 11.15 a.m.?! Gilo apo???

suhainawahed said...

True, true...with mention case every morning and afternoon all over the world...and with bundles of files on the desk as usual which is neverending, and the best moment was...when u entered into the office and your staff kept on reminding u, pls, all urgent, need now...wharggh...ingat kita robot ke...robot pun boleh jam lah...but yes, most of the time, dateline guides u to properly use the brain and manage to prepare it on time!Gd Lck to all!!!

Adillah A Nordin said...

Ni macam client I la. Semua nak draft Agreement by "yesterday" kalau boleh. Memang gilo la tu!

I dengar jugak pasal pressure kat bank... Wish you well my friend. Jangan terlalu rasa pressure tau!

Kalau pasal "Semua urgent nak by today!" tu memang tagline biasa la.. That's why kadang-kadang I just feel like taking off & pergi somewhere jaaauuuuuh dari office (like shopping ke.. heehee..)
Anyway, good luck in PUNB!

Makbudak said...

I totally agree with you. It has been the same for me, I perform better under pressure.. true, if no dateline, no production. The customers have never been nice, it's all "I need it by yesterday" kind of thing. I share your sentiments.. :-)

Adillah A Nordin said...

Hi Ha!

Thanks for dropping in!
Some days are worse than others, of course. Rasa macam nak retire early kadang-kadang.. But there are also good days & pleasant, appreciative clients (although they are very rare..) :-)