Monday, May 26, 2008

Selamat Pengantin Baru to Jerd & Ery

My youngest sister Jerd got married last Friday 23rd May 2008! Congratulations to both Jerd & husband, Ery!!

The preparation started way before that with putting sweets in packets & tying thank you notes on the bunga telur about a month before the event. The day before the wedding, the PPGs (me, Eda & Win) & Kak Ngah spent the whole day packing goody bags for "Orang Sebelah", "Orang Berzanji Lelaki" & "Orang Berzanji Perempuan" (Yes, ada banyak categories..) & also for VVIPs, VIPs, Aunties & Sisters (all different contents!). My nieces (Nurul & gang) had to pack the wajik in plastic packets (Melekit!! So, we cleverly escaped from this task by delegating it to the 3rd generation! Sorry Nurul! Heehee..). Then masukkan telur in the Bunga Paha (spelling?) for the pelamin. Re-organize furnitures etc. Wow! So much to do!

Friday was the Akad Nikah. Jerd changed into 4 different costumes before the groom came (Adat orang Melaka tak boleh tinggal!!): She was a Chinese princess, then a Javanese bride, then a Bollywood actress & finally a Siamese dancer (complete with a head-dress that looked like a lightning conductor!). The Akad Nikah ceremony was at 9.30pm. It was very sentimental (Mak cried when she & Apak gave Jerd away to Ery, & because Mak cried, all of us cried!). Sad & happy at the same time..

Saturday was the Kenduri Kahwin. If we had thought there was a lot to do prior to the wedding, nothing prepared us for this! It was an extremely HOT day (nasib baik tak hujan)! More than 2,000 guests came to Apak & Mak's home to join in our celebration. The Governor & wife came to grace the occasion (protocol! protocol!), & Kak Long, Eda & I had to be in charge of the VVIP table! Thank goodness the Istana brought their own "Waiters" to serve TYT & Toh Puan (They even brought their own crockery, cutlery, place mats & serviette!). By the end of the day, all of us were flat out (Must have walked at least 5km that day, seriously!). Special thanks to my friend Tati for coming with her family (Tati, your daughters' dresses were so...sweet!). Thanks for making time!! Also thanks to Azim for the wedding pictures!

Sunday was the Bertandang to the Groom's home & Mak hired the "London Transport" Double-Decker Bus to take all of us to Nyalas, Jasin! For those who haven't been to Melaka recently, the State Government bought 4 Double-Decker buses from England as a tourist bus here (Why? Don't ask me!). So, all of us went on the Bus to Nyalas & it was so much FUN for the Kids. Everyone scrambled to go on the top floor. Adlan, Adlina & Hakim sat right at the front with Amir, Mukhriz & Mikael. They were screaming & laughing throughout the 1 hour journey! I felt a bit sick on the Bus, but never mind! (More pictures on this later!)

It was a GREAT weekend! Happy memories, terrific family times, LOADS of warm fuzzy feelings..

Jerd & Ery, May your marriage be blessed by Allah & I wish you a lifetime of unconditional love, happiness and fulfillment as you start your journey together! Ery, please take care of my little sister (Jerd ramai kakak-kakak yang garang tau!! Haha..).


NaSyeR ottz said...

"My nieces (Nurul & gang) had to pack the wajik in plastic packets (Melekit!! So, we cleverly escaped from this task by delegating it to the 3rd generation! Sorry Nurul! Heehee..)"

I knew it!
It's not that u have anything else to do, u just hate packing the wajik coz it's too melekit!
Admit it!
Anyways, it was a tiring but enjoyable weekend.
Although it's a bit sad during the "giving away" ceremony, I know that Ery would take very good care of her.
Btw, do you have any pictures of the whole family plus Aisyah with Cerd&Ery?


Adillah A Nordin said...

Yes, it was really tiring but enjoyable at the same time.

I will upload the picture with the whole family & Aisyah.

TC, Alang

ms hart said...

Dil, it was our pleasure!! I've always liked your parents' place. And now tengoklah betapa gumbiranya anak bujang I dapat lepas bebas kat situuuuu...adoi...I hampir2 tak ngaku mak dia, tau!!! ha ha ha

Thanks for tak habis2 suka dresses my girls!! Kelakar lah you ni, Dil! Masa makan hari tu Zul kata, "Dalam panas2 ni sempat lagi Dilla belek baju anak?!!"

We all keluar aje kat gate, TYT sampai. Kelam-kabut control jelita dgn heels I yang hampir patah tu!!! ha ha ha...Thanks again Dil!!

StEnZ! said...

thanx puan,ade gak name saye terselit kat kat celah entry puan ni.sonok sgt dapat pegi kenduri ari tu.walau pn panas,tp mmg best la.thanx to all

Adillah A Nordin said...


Anak-anak u sempat tak pergi tepi laut hari tu?
Sorry lah heel kasut u yang bertatah 'diamond' tu termasuk kat tanah lembut kat laman my parents! Nasib baik baju u bukan main glamer lagi! So, orang tak perasan heel kasut hampir patah.. :-D

Adillah A Nordin said...

Hi Azim,

My sisters said gambar-gambar u ambik banyak cantik-cantik especially yang candid.

Thanks! :-)

StEnZ! said...

really puan,ni yg rase bangge ni.hehe xde la gurau jerk.anyway thanx gak puan.nnt saye burnKn tuk puan

farah said...

truth be told, since saturday, i have been clicking on ur blog to see when will d wedding pictures be making their round but then, it's tad impossible to be wishing for them to appear so early since ur probably stumped after all those hard works!!
nk tunggu jerd to bring d official wedding album to d office may only be dreams (seeing as how shy she is with us d staff)so thank you for giving us d first of a few glimpses! :)
ps: she looked so pretty!

Adillah A Nordin said...

Hi Farah!

I didn't even know you knew my blog address! Have you been here before? Malunya.. (>.<)

Thanks for dropping in..

Yes, Jerd looked like a doll! Especially on Friday night when she was in the Chinese princess costume! I will try & get hold of the picture!


suhainawahed said...

Hi Cik Adillah!
Wow...congratulations that you now with your own blog, and needless to say more, the blog is really good...really creative... will read tru alll wen got plenty of time later :)
Btw, glad that Jerd's pics are a lot here, also thought the same too...the cute shy newly Puan tu nak ke bagi kita tengok gambar2 dia...jgn mrh Jerd... Jerd looks so cute and lawa and congrats to Jerd and hubby...May God bless u both...
Cik Adillah, keep up blogging!!! (Btw kenapa tak cerita pasal career and office and your doings to tell all legal practitioners outsider esp that Malacca do have good lawyer what...) I'll passed your blog add to frens if you dont mind...
Will always respect you as my Boss!!! Cute Anas!

Adillah A Nordin said...

Hi Suhaina!

Thanks for dropping in. Baru je start my blog about 3 months ago. How did you know about my blog?

Zaharim has been asking me to start giving advice about legal matters. But to me, how can I give a general advice when no one writes in to ask for my opinion. I need to know what their problem is first... Tu yang susah tu. Will need to think about this..

Personally, I would prefer to give motivational advice to people yang ada problem (other than legal).. or even those who don't have a problem but wish to keep feeling positive by discussions in a forum about their life & future.

Anyway, how are you keeping? Wish you sunshine & laughter & hope you are much more settled now.

Keep well.

Milkberry said...

Hi Kak Ila!
Waaaa now Jerd is married!
Congratulations Jerd!
Huhu now only Andy to go... he's in UK right? Hehehe you think he might bring back a blond haired girlfriend?

Adillah A Nordin said...

Hi Shikin!

Almost missed your note! Yes, Jerd is now a married woman!

About Andy, my mom awal2 dah warning jangan bawak balik girlfriend mat salleh... :-D