Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The week that was

Last week was a long week, full of activities.

Monday 28th April was Apak's 74th Birthday & we celebrated in Nordin Group with all the staffs in a pot luck at lunch. That was really nice. Mak came to join us & we had so many varieties of food! Wish I took a picture of the food.. Semoga Allah memanjangkan umur Apak as we need him for many many many more years.. Amin..

The rest of the week just flew. I was a member of the organizing committee of the Annual Malaysia/Singapore Bench & Bar Games 2008 which was held from Thursday 1/5/2008 to Saturday 3/5/2008 in Malacca. Both the Chief Justice of Malaysia & the Chief Justice of Singapore came to grace the event. Almost 400 lawyers & judges from Singapore & all over Malaysia came to Malacca for the Games. & the Malaysian team WON!! Yaaaayy!! :-D Penat pun terus hilang..

Then Sunday came & believe it or not, I was called for a meeting which I couldn't avoid (>.<). It lasted almost 4 hours! I rushed to Sungai Udang after the meeting to help Zaharim & team in their ICT Program. It went well & ended with a sukaneka (Aziem won 3 prizes - marah orang kampung!) haha.. We wrapped up the evening with a nice dinner with the whole team. Later on that Sunday night, I had to finish off the Agreement I was working on (letihnya..).

I'm beginning to feel that I haven't had a proper peaceful & restful weekend in a long, long time..


StEnZ! said...

such great weekend madam.i was thinking camne puan susun waktu tuk buat everything and all of them successful,puan mmg hebat la,saye tabik sama puan...mau nye xmarah org kampung tu puan,1st prize saye dapat 2 and the 3rd prize plak dapat 1.bile la agaknye Natural Mineral Water System kat ofis ni start working...
pape pn puan,wish u luck all the time.

Helena said...
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Adillah A Nordin said...

Hi Aziem!

Tak la hebat, tapi memang I try very hard to maximize on every aspects of my life, as far as possible. Both work & family.

Wah! Banyak hadiah awak menang ye.. Saya tengok memang our facis semuanya bersungguh-sungguh bertanding hari tu! :-D

KapLa 0tTz said...

"I'm beginning to feel that I haven't had a proper peaceful & restful weekend in a long, long time.."

I felt exactly the same! :)