Friday, May 9, 2008

Mini Mama

Adlina is our only princess. She is strong & determined. She is very responsible, very independent. Adlina develops strong friendships even at a young age. She has 4 best friends; they do everything together in school & will call each other at home daily. Adlina is serious about her school work, finishing all her homework even without any reminders. Although she is only in year 3, she is already made a school prefect which is rare in SK Ayer Keroh.

But despite the strength we see on the outside, Adlina is actually a very sensitive girl on the inside. Sometimes a wrong word said, or an action omitted will upset her. She will try hard to conceal her feelings by putting on a brave face, but we can see the hurt mirrored through her expressive eyes.

I knew something was wrong with my little princess when she had a sad look in her eyes last night. When I asked her what was wrong, she said nothing. Then she quietly asked: "Mama, why is it that you only write about Bang Long & Hakim in your blog?" Oh No! I never meant to hurt you, darling. I told Adlina that I wanted to write about her but was waiting for the right time. So, Adlina, this posting is dedicated to you!

Adlina is actually exactly like her mama. When I look at her, I see me as a little girl. Really. Adlina is Mini Mama.

To Adlina: You are the best daughter any parent could ever have & I love you so much sayang. Everyday, I thank Allah for giving you to us. <3


Adelina said...

Thnx Mama! i like what u called it mini mama. ty for posting one about me. i love you! PS: Happy Almost Mother's Day! Love:Adlina

KapLa 0tTz said...

She's indeed the princess of the family, right?


StEnZ! said...

paun best btol saye bace posting puan kali ni.lame dh xsinggah puan nye Blog.

Adillah A Nordin said...

Hi Azim,

Saya banyak bercerita pasal family je buat masa ni.
Tapi nanti in future saya akan bukak topik yang serius sikit ok?

Thanks for dropping in.

Marlin said...

This is such a touching piece about Adlina... its true, sometime we don't realize that our children is sensitive to what we do. Adlina is like her mama - just more pretty, and cuter... he he... ! #1

Adelina said...

Dear Ngah & Mak Long,

Thank you for leaving a comment,for the greetings,for saying i look pretty and cute and of cause seeing this posting...i really appriciate it. THANKZ

FROM:Adlina :)

Adillah A Nordin said...

Hi Kak Long!

Yes, we sometimes hurt them without realizing it..
Girls are so much more sensitive than boys! I guess you are going through the same things with Sarah..