Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Adlan's Team & the Petrosains ACTology

Adlan's Team has done it again!!! His Drama team from St David High School just WON the Petrosains ACTology Competition for the Central & Southern Region!!

When Adlan told me that he was selected to act in an English Drama for a Science project about a month ago, I was a bit apprehensive (he has been missing too many classes for choral speaking practice already...) and a bit confused (English drama for Science?? What??). But we let him participate in the drama anyway (since he was so excited about it & said that only 8 students were selected). OK lah.. He's just in form 1, so let him do all these fun stuffs.

But he didn't mention anything about Petrosains or ACTology or the fact that only 5 schools made it to the Central & Regional Final (the region covers KL, Selangor, NS, Johor & Malacca). He just said he will need to check into D'Village hotel the day before & all his friends are excited.

Zaharim & I brought Hakim, Adlina & Anas to d'Village that evening just to check out what was going on & that was when we got all these information. Petrosains sponsored the night stay for all the schools competing in the Final & St David is up against 4 other schools (3 of them boarding schools): Sekolah Alam Shah, MRSM Gemencheh, Sekolah Sains Selangor & Convent Muar. So, I thought: No chance for St David.. (Coming from a Boarding School, I am a snob that way! Haha!). But I promised Adlan that I won't miss his performance which was scheduled at 10am the next day.

I came just in time to see Adlan's team perform (they were the last school to perform) & I thought they were quite good. But I didn't see the rest of the schools so I didn't expect anything at all. So when the result was announced, I was really really surprised!! The supporters from St David (2 busloads of them!) literally brought the roof down!! Screams, yells, claps, whistles & battle-cries!! I was screaming too (seriously!) & was in tears! This is just too exciting & too good to be true! After all Adlan's school just won the Choral Speaking barely 2 weeks ago! They will compete in the National Final against 4 other schools on 8/7/2008 & the prize for the winning team will be a trip to Hong Kong!! Wow! :-D

To Adlan: Mama is really proud of you, darling! You did really well! (Having said that, no excuses for your exam on 14/5/2008!)

Footnote: Apparently St David High School is having a good year so far. They have won the Choral Speaking (State champion), English Debate (State champion), BM Debate (State Champion) & Petrosains ACTology (Region champion). Adlan is so proud to be a Davidian & reckons that this good-luck streak is brought by his Form 1 batch!


KapLa 0tTz said...

Congrats Adlan!!!
I really hope that the *luck* stay with you all throughout the year.

<3 Ngah

mAn from neDerLAN said...

Thanks Ngah but the problem is that the National is on 8th July aaaaand I dont know when the Choral Speaking Nationals Are........

ms hart said...

Phulllamaaaaak....Dil, I think St David mana pernah cemerlang-gemilang macam ni, kan?!! Maybe Adlan's right - maybe it's the luck his batch brings!!! ha ha ha

p/s Forgot to tell - ye lah, maknye dolu-dolu pun seniwati english drama, jugak kan??!!! he he he...ingat tak pengkritik-kritik tetap you masa tu termasuklah si busybody nih!!! oooohhh.... the pink stripy victorian dress....bless the kelambu, eh??!! ha ha ha

Adillah A Nordin said...

Hahaha! :-D Tati, you still remember the pink stripy dress with the petticoat made of kelambu?!

Those were the days...