Sunday, July 20, 2008

Daily Ramblings

Sometimes its good to be away from your kids once in a while, just for Papa & Mama to have some quality time together.  Zaharim & I went to Singapore & stayed just for one night on Friday. Thanks to Jerd & Ery, for taking care of the kids on Friday night.

It was actually a business trip for Zaharim & I tagged along. I spent most of Friday in the hotel room  drafting an Agreement which is due to a client by Monday. It was refreshing to be working in a different environment. It helped that when I checked into the hotel, the very friendly girl at the reception upgraded our room to a lovely Suite with free internet access! It was terrific! I was so comfortable & happy to be working on my Agreement in the huge room with a clear view of the Eye On Singapore that I cancelled my earlier plan to go to Orchard Road for some "recreational" activities (read: shopping). So, I saved some money & managed to finish a large portion of my work at the same time. Wonderful! 

But mothers can never be away from home & their kids for too long. We were home by Saturday evening & back to all the chaos of little people hovering around you fighting for undivided attention. :-) Everyone was happy with their loot: Adlan got a new basketball, Hakim adored his Spy Walkie-Talkie & Adlina loved the Hello Kitty stuffs. Anas was asleep by the time we got home & I held him close in my arms for a good ten minutes on his bed. It's so good to be back home.

Lazy Sunday came with a simple but surprising pleasure of discovering that our tiny rambutan tree is fruiting for the very first time!

The kids proudly showing off all of our 6 Rambutans

How exciting for the residents of Danau Kaseh: exactly 6 perfect rambutan, one for each of us! (^_^)

There is really no place like home... <3


caramel said...


Honeymoon ye?...time alone together.....i think that every couple should do that......rekindle the sparks.....he he he.......

the first time i came to your home ur garden caught my attention.......tapi tak perasan pulak ada pokok "lambutan"....bestnye......ada durian tak dilla? if ada bole buat durian fritters....yumm yumm....

would the molten chocolate cake taste good with durian ice cream?

Adillah A Nordin said...

Hi Raha!

We did tanam pokok durian, tapi hidup segan mati tak mau. So, we have decided to cabut the pokok!

Our rambutan tree is still tiny. About 5 feet height. That's why we were surprised to see the fruits!

Yes, time alone together was great in Singapore ;-)

ms hart said...

Dil, ye lah...kat mana pokok rambutan tu Dil? Tak, kat Danau Kaseh kan ada banyak benau benda nak tengok!! Hey, lupa nak cakap earlier - that pix kat blog header you tu...cantik sangat...kan dah kata, istana tu!!

Adillah A Nordin said...

Tu kan dah kata, pokok rambutan keciiiiiik aje. Kat tanah sebelah tu. Orang memang tak perasan punya...
Berbuah baru 6 bijik pun dah bagai nak rak heboh sekampung :-)

Gambar tu bukan dalam keadaan biasa, Tati... Jangan tak tahu, sebelum ambik gambar, cepat-cepat kemas barang2 yang berterabur like beg sekolah, buku2, magazine, suratkabar, mainan, lego dan barang2 yang sewaktu dengannya. Tu yang nampak macam cantik je. haha..

hasANah haLim said...

I miss Singapore..
the orchard road specifically...
hehe =)

Adillah A Nordin said...

Hi Hasanah!
How come you were not at the badminton court today?
Hope to see you next week!