Friday, July 11, 2008

Time Out

Nature has a way of telling you to stop & take time out! This morning, I felt like I couldn't get up. My body must have cried out for help as I didn't give it the rest it deserved when I was down with my sinus infection last week. Last night, it turned into a full-blown flu & unbearable coughs! This time, I have to admit that I am ill... sigh.. 

So, here I am, in bed at home, having given up fighting nature, making peace with my body, taking my necessary Time Out.


ms hart said...

Dil, I had the same feeling this morning. Was contemplating, should I, should I not see the doctor. Dah siap2 to work, dah drive pun to the office. Then I thought, eh, if anything happens to me due to this procrastination (to see the doctor), siapa nak jaga my kids? So I made a turn to the clinic, had the proper check and medicine. But unlike you, I can't stay home today. Makan gaji maaa...sob sob... Get well soon, ok? Same to me..he he

Adillah A Nordin said...

Tati, Get Well Soon ok..
Take a good rest! Kalau tidak nanti lagi knock out!

amy said...

Get well soon K. Dilla. Gambar background ni gambar rumah you ke? Very the cantik...!

Adillah A Nordin said...

Hi Amy!
Gambar our living/dining room (tapi biasanya bersepah dengan beg sekolah budak2 etc).Masa nak ambik gambar kemas2 sikit..

Thanks for dropping in!

bubbles said...

hi blossom,
thanks for taking the effort to fight yr sickness juz to get to mcD last nite to celebrate haziqs bday.
he loves the car that u gave.
tak kasi chance org lain nak sentuh walaupun 1 jari... hehehh..

get well soon..

Adillah A Nordin said...

Hi Bubbles!
Of course we won't miss it for the world! All my kids enjoyed the party so much! Banyaknya dapat hadiah goodies from McD during the games! Berebut budak2 especially Anas - memang lepas ni diaorang ban muka2 ni buat party kat DP! :-)
Glad Haziq likes the present. It was the very last Lightning McQueen! Laju tak?