Sunday, July 6, 2008

Petrosains ACTology - Waving Off

The Petrosains Actology Final Competition is finally here! It will be held in MATIC, KL on Tuesday 8th July & Adlan's team from St David is one of the 5 finalists! 

The event is extra special as Zaharim & Azim had helped Adlan's team with some of the props & posters for the drama. The set for the drama looks fantastic with the new props! (More pictures on this later)

one of the props

Today, the team leaves for KL for briefing on the event, rehearsals and the final. Petrosains has arranged for all the participants to stay in the Zon, KLCC for a couple of nights.

Adlan & the Director, Narain

Alif & Joel packing the Clock in the Bus

Adwina, YZ & Paveetra on the Bus

Cherlyn going up the Bus with some props

As I was waving Adlan off in school, I felt both excitement and apprehension: Excited that Adlan will be experiencing so many new things in the next 3 days. & apprehensive that my boy is going to be away from home! It's never easy to let go... Adlan has grown up so fast! Where did the time go? Sigh..

Kay-Poh Parents Club members
(I wasn't the only parent with a worried look)

ALL  THE VERY BEST of LUCK to Adlan & Team! See you on Tuesday!


caramel said...

Dilla...the kaypoh parents club......i understand the feeling..its like their achievement is somewhat ur achievement too kan?......though not a parent myself....mine should be the kaypoh auntie club......

esok jangan lupa makan the CHOCOLATE MOLTON

Adillah A Nordin said...

Raha, blogger ID you nama "Caramel" memang sangat2 sesuai la... heehee..

"Extra caramel, please"

Cant wait for you to start up on your blog!

caramel said...

morning...rasa best pula to start my day dengan opening ur blog.....

caramel.......sedap kan? especially kalau cicah dengan molton chocolate cake....benda -benda yang menggemukkan memang best......tersangat best......sampai normal weinging scale tak boleh accomodate my weight kena pakai dacing "ba aliff ba ye" (hope i got that right?)...baru padan muka i...

my own blog?...not any time soon........kaypoh kat org punya lagi best........he he he

ok lah...njoy your self today and good luck to Adlan.............

ms hart said...

ha ha ha...tak tahan tengok that worried look of the kaypoh mama club president!!!

eee....aunty pun excited and dab dub dab dub for Adlan!

p/s that Naren guy somehow has that tuan di-rek-tor punya look, kan? he he he

Adillah A Nordin said...

Ye lah Tati..
I tak perasan masa Zaharim ambil gambar! Didn't realize I looked so worried! Itu baru nak pisah dengan anak 3 hari!

Ni memang jenis mak yang tak bagi anak masuk boarding school ni... mak yang menangis hari2 :-)