Friday, July 4, 2008

Mama's Sick Day

Hands up all mothers out there who is reading this posting! If you are a mother, you will find my story yesterday very familiar..

It's been hectic in Danau Kaseh the past 3 days with Hakim, then Adlina getting sick. All these happening with me getting a bad sinus infection with bouts of massive headaches. But being a mother, we actually have no time to get sick. Seriously. 

So, whilst I was myself ill yesterday (& our driver had to be on leave), this was my schedule:-

6.00 am : Adlina was wheezing badly & her temperature shot up. Gave her some paracetamol. 
6.45 am : Adlan & Hakim left for school.
7.30 am : Prepared Anas for school.
8.00 am : Zaharim went to work.
8.15 am : Sent Anas to school then immediately went to Pantai hospital (waited for over 1 hour!)
9.30 am : Dr Lee finally examined Adlina & told me that she was having asthma (horror!)
9.45 am : Adlina was put on a nebulizer. Was told to come back at 3pm.
10.15 am : I went to see the physician at Pantai's A & E. Was told that my sinus was inflamed (hence the massive headaches). Doctor gave me 2 types of antibiotics & some other ubat. 
10.50 am: While driving, got a call from client. Wanted his draft Agreement amended immediately (!!!)
11.00 am :  Came home with Adlina. Amended the Agreement in bed & emailed to client.
11.50 am : Finally felt I couldn't take it any more & started to doze off...
12.10 pm : Anas came home from school & was excited that Mama's home & wouldn't leave Mama in peace.. (tak sampai 20 mins nap..). Head throbbing. Just lied down in bed with Anas pouncing on me every now & then..
1.30 pm : Got up (after failing to get any sleep at all) & went to fetch Adlan from school 
1.45 pm : In Adlan's school & met his teachers as we are helping them with some props for the Petrosains Actology Drama Competition next Tuesday.
2.15 pm : Dropped by at Jusco as Adlan needed to get a hooded jacket as part of his costume for the drama.
3.00 pm : Reached home, dropped Adlan & picked up Adlina to go to Pantai hospital for her afternoon nebulizer.
4.00 pm : Reached home & Adlina wanted to eat mee kari & since she was sick & didn't eat much for the past 3 days, I immediately cooked mee kari & then baked her favourite cake which is the Victorian Sandwich Cake.
6.00 pm : Kids happily eating mee kari & cake.
6.05 pm : Collapsed in bed (with a really big headache this time). Finally got my rest..
7.30 pm : Got up, had a shower & felt much better when Zaharim came home.

Familiar mothers? 

Mak once told me: Anak kalau sakit, mak jaga. Tapi kalau mak yang sakit, kena jaga diri sendiri. I understand what she means perfectly... Thanks so much Mak for all those days you took care of us when you were ill yourself..

For those of you planning to be a mother, please don't let this scare you. The JOYS of being a mother is sooooo much more fun, rewarding & fulfilling, & will easily overcome 1000 sick days!


hasANah haLim said...

Hope u will get well soon Puan...
Ala...sure U & the kids tak dpt join the badminton this evening...

farah said...

n there i were at d ofc yesterday thinking dat it was anas who had fallen sick...i didnt think that it's adlina and u, our constantly healthy employer who have gotten ill...hope it doesnt have anything to do with me getting sick d previous week cos i still remember u telling me dat u hope u wont catch watever i'm getting then :) but then, the joys of motherhood when one is sick n also having to take care of another sick child is enlightening...quick, i need to have my own child to experience this myself! :)

Adillah A Nordin said...

Thanks, Hasanah!

I'm feeling much better now after over-dosing myself with antibiotics.

Badminton? Maybe not yet kot.. (cari alasan nak escape la tu..)


Adillah A Nordin said...

Hi Farah,

Yes, the JOYS of motherhood! You should start your own soon.. The older we get the less stamina to chase after them!! :-)

BTW, I have a strong suspicion that it was your friendly virus which landed on my sinus..

ms hart said...

Now look! Whos' the SUPERMAMA again y'tell me???

Hope you are better now, my friend. And yes, your badminton racket....he he escape!

Adillah A Nordin said...

Bangun pukul berapa pagi tadi?


caramel said...


Best lah ur blog ni...hope that you are feeling better now....nanti i marah mat sentul for disturbing you on ur sick day..........people have been saying bout the joy of motherhood.....i cant say much lah...tak lepas the first hurdle lagi......right now i am enjoying other people's least bila i penat and tak larat i boleh pulangkan kat mak ayah diaorang.......lagi best.........

hope you dah dapat the cds......malam ni i nak gi chilis...tapi jangan risau k...i safe the CHOCOLATE MOLTON CAKE for our girlie sessions.....ops....tak bole panggil girlie sessions lah...ajak nak letak mana...lain category........

Pondok Al Imran said...

Salam, bestlah baca U punya blog, I baru nak start alam"berblog"

Adillah A Nordin said...

Hi Raha!
Thank you so much for taking time to drop in.
That's a good strategy: play with your nieces & nephews & when they are tired & fretful, return them back to their mums! :-)
Jealous nya you makan kat Chillies!! Bila lah Chillies nak bukak kat Melaka...

TC, Dilla

Adillah A Nordin said...

Dear Pondok Al Imran,
Thanks for dropping in.. I pun baru berblog masuk 3 bulan ni... masih banyak lagi nak belajar!
I tried to go into your blog but its restricted..

Do come again, but excuse the ramblings.. :-)