Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Farah Nadiah has been a member of Messrs. Adillah A Nordin ever since she started chambering in 2005. She was my pupil when she chambered. After she was called to the Bar, Farah continued her career as a Legal Assistant in our Firm, specializing in Civil and Banking Litigation.

Farah is very serious and meticulous in executing her work. She is responsible and conscientious. She works independently most of the time. Farah takes instructions very well and she is naturally good at drafting documents. Being in charge of our Litigation department, she spends most of her mornings in Court, mentioning cases and taking judgments. Farah handles all her Court matters well.

If you don't know her well enough, you may think that Farah is a little aloof. She is actually not. Farah is just a very shy girl. Once she warms up to you, you will find her to be quite engaging. Farah is well liked by the legal fraternity in Malacca as she is very helpful, being active in many activities organized by the Malacca Bar Committee.

When Farah informed me two weeks ago that she was leaving the Firm, I was crushed. I truly felt like I was losing a friend, not a staff. But I told Farah that I would not stop her from pursuing the career path that she has chosen. Farah will leave our Team next week and begin a career in the Multimedia University. It will be a sad day for Messrs. Adillah A Nordin when she finally leaves next week.

To Farah, I wish you every success that you deserve and a lifetime of achievements. All the very best in your new undertaking. 

Farewell, my friend.


Ahmad Zaharim said...


Cik Adillah (as you would call her) will certainly miss you. Every time she comes back from a KL trip with you she will always tell me that she had a good conversation with you. Anyway, good luck to you in your new job.

farah said...

Alamak, shy shy cat la when i saw this posting :)
Honestly, i also felt like i'll be leaving something which i have come to treasure since I really enjoyed all the times spend at the firm. Thank u for d farewell lunch, d wishes n gifts. I know i'll get teary-eyed on my last day but at least i'll only be in Bukit Beruang :)

suhainawahed said...

Hi Cik Adillah, Farah & M/s Adillah A Nordin
Hows life going on with all of u, may all of u be blessed always, Insya Allah. Well, to Cik Adillah and Farah, may the friendship never fades and never ends cz life isn't perfect without a FRIEND! All d best to all of you excell above all expectations ;-)

p/s: Ehem, Farah...glamer nampak... x cukup besar tu gambar tu...hehehe chayo2, Kak Fa & Jerd takde kawan nak diusik lagi camni...

Adillah A Nordin said...

Hi Su,

Bila balik Melaka, singgah la kat office kita. Lama dah tak jumpa..

suhainawahed said...

Insya'Allah, bila dpt really2 long vac-which x tahulah bila, Insya'-Allah memang hajat tu ada nak melawat2 ke sana. Kalau buat open house pun, Insya'-Allah datang... Cik Adillah and all of AAN pun, if dtg KL pls, singgahlah ke rumah oraittt-Good Day to all of you ;)